Monday, August 23, 2004

Thankyou, Andrew Mundi!

I'm sure that all of us Industrial designers are feeling a little bit of graphic design pain right now. Well... Andrew Mundi is here to help us. The internet has very few good resources for graphic design tips (in my opionion). Most will tell you how to do specific tasks, but it's difficult to get graphic design advice. Jordan found a lovely website with a great flash presentation that contains a lot of this information.

If you visit the site, the color theory and typography is a must see. I didn't previously know anything about typography, but now I can say I do. The sections on type anatomy and type families are very helpful. The way that Mundi explains these subjects is very "information architectury". When the mouse roles over certain words or images, call outs appear for more information.

I encourage my fellow classmates to check out the site (seeing as we are expected to understand and apply graphic design principles... but we haven't been taught how) Plus, we can all appriciate it from an info arch point of view. :)


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