Monday, August 23, 2004

SmartDraw (or StupidDraw)

Create Great-Looking Flowcharts, Process Flow Models, and Concept Maps with SmartDraw—Download It Free! ...

If you'd like to see this online sales pitch for yourself go here. "SmartDraw is so easy to use, you can download it and get started right away!" Hmmm... this sounds oddly similar to the dreaded doughnut graph on excel. All of a sudden you are picturing youself with this professional looking process flow or concept map... but what happened to the content? The boxes and diamonds are NOT what makes these visual representations difficult to make. They require tons of thought... in fact I would argue that a program that teaches you how to do it and gives lots of stellar examples would be a lot more beneficial than a jazzed up paint program.

I know that the April Fools Day clip art is really hard to pass up, you know... because, that really helps in making great process flow. Now I know why Edward Tufte can be so elitist... because there's stuff like this out there. I haven't asked him personally, but I'm sure he would be ashamed.


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