Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Music Animation Machine

Here's the developer's description of what it is:
"The Music Animation Machine display is a score without any measures or clefs, in which information about the music's structure is conveyed with bars of color representing the notes. These bars scroll across the screen as the music plays. Their position on the screen tells you their pitch and their timing in relation to each other. Different colors denote different instruments or voices, thematic material, or tonality. And each note lights up at the exact moment it sounds, so you can't lose your place."

The timeline can also help you to understand a little bit of how this thing works. Currently the only existing diplays of how this thing works is on video (it shows what the animation looks like with pre-determined songs). This can be a useful tool for music teachers and such, but it's just downright cool to look at (Jon... since you're a teacher you can get the video for free. It's $25 dollars for everybody else).

Please please please do not look at the animation downloads for the Music Animation Machine. They are really poor quality, they are really jumpy and they will only ruin your impression of what the Music Animation Machine is before you even get a chance to see the real thing. Sorry, I know that was a little but abrupt, but I wanted to make sure that no one got the wrong idea about this... because it's really cool.


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