Thursday, August 05, 2004

Jesse James Garrett

While Payaal and I were working on the 1040 tax project, one of our goals was to visually represent our process and our ideas. One of the main reasons that this suffered was because frankly we didn't spend enough time putting it together... but it's a skill that I think that we would all benefit from having both in the explanation of systems as well as representing our own ideas.

While clicking around on the internet, I stumbled upon information regarding Jesse James Garrett, the man who developed the Visual Vocaulary. This looked strikingly similar to what we were learning in the Baseball Project, but his shapes are more fancy. The more interesting thing that I found was Garrett's The Elements of the User Experience. You may not agree with the way that Garrett chucks the elements, but he presents his ideas well. He does a good job of repeating certain imagery by starting out simple and then adding that element into a more complicated idea later. Then again, it's not for me to decide... take a look and form your own opinion about it. :)


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