Friday, July 30, 2004

I can't take credit for finding, Ashton showed it to me. Nathan is a guy that studies Interaction Design... and yes, that does include Information Architecture. While clicking around his website, I happened upon one of his projects: a re-design of the Nutrition Facts Label. At the beginning of the quarter, we were talking about how misleading these labels can be, particularly with clever manipulation of the serving size. Nathan's re-design does include bolding of the serving size, but I'm not convinced that would solve the problem, but it does help call attention to it. He also alphabetized the vitamins, which would make them easier to locate. He has called out all the improvements that he has made on the webpage... but I have to say that I'm not too impressed. He did a good job of picking something that needed to be better, but in the end I think it's too similar to the old one. Nonetheless, it was a good start.

Nathan has also posted a link to the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea... the school is in ITALY (which is reason enough to go) and by the way they offer a masters in Interaction Design. Pretty cool, eh? Thank you, Nathan.


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