Tuesday, July 20, 2004

InfoArchy Product!

I found an interesting article in this month's issue of Dwell... allow me to share it with you. A company called Urban Mapping created the Dynamap: Manhattan in 2001. The map can show three levels of information on a single surface using lenticular technology. Most of us have seen this technology used before in cheesy children's products. The article even says (and I quote) "While this isn't new technology, Urban Mapping applies it in a way that would make visual explainer Edward Tufte proud". Before you read on, see the flash demo of the Dynamap.

In the article, they mention the company is working on more of these maps for different cities. The cool thing is, they are not planning on treating each city the same. "In Washington D.C., it would be great to include taxi zones on the same level as the metro, while for SanFrancisco we would include a topographical layer. I've even got a fog map" says Ian White, the creator of the Dynamap. I think this kind of product is great because it is rather lo-tech... yet it supplies the user with multiple layers of information (quite literally). It's fun to think about all the different ways this type of display could be used. Ideas, anybody? 


Blogger seth ross said...

Maybe the viewing of different layers could be used to provide definitions of terms, like a hyperlink on paper. Instead of flipping to a page in the 1040 manual to find out what the IRS is talking about, the information could be provided in the same space, on the form itself.

July 21, 2004 at 11:01 AM  

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