Friday, July 16, 2004

Different Strokes

I think the critique today gave all of us some good food for thought concerning our boards. We briefly touched on the everyone's personal sytle coming through in our boards... even though we were all given the same constraints, the end results were vastly different. It's kind of neat to think that, despite all of our planning, that visual wieght can be given to certain aspects without us even noticing. At first I thought that something unintentional wasn't good, but now I think that it might be a really good thing. In class we were talking about data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. In order to create our final boards we had to have wisdom (or at the very least, knowledge) of baseball. While we were creating the final product, you carry that knowledge/ wisdom with you... and in a way it could be guiding one's inclination to make certain items stand out more.


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