Sunday, July 18, 2004


Last night I was listening to a song by Nina Gordon (ex-member of Veruca Salt), and for some reason I began to wonder what she looked like. I'm not a Nina Gordon fan, but I went to her website anyway to find a picture of her to sate my curiosity. It was a cheesy looking website, but I clicked around for a while, and eventually I stumbled upon a section called Nina's Room. It's not uncommon for famous people to have online diaries for thier fans to read, but her diary was different. They were audio posts, made available by a service called audblog. Even though I wasn't a fan of her's,  I still found myself listening to almost all of them... even the ones in the archive. I got to hear her complain about being bored because her boyfriend was playing video games, and ramble about how she loves Steak'n'Shake chocolate milkshakes before she went to sleep. I found this type of blog to be very intimate (certainly more intimate than traditional blogging).
Now you're wondering "Where is she going with this?  This has nothing to do with Information Architecture"... but really I think that it has a lot to do with it. Simply changing the format of the blog truely changed its impact on me as the viewer. The content was personal, and therefor the delivery was personal. The point of Nina Gordon's diary was for regular people to feel like they could have a more direct connection with her, and it did exactly that.


Blogger seth ross said...

I agree, speaking is more intimate and spontaneous. You get a greater level of understanding from hearing how something is said. Hearing the timid tremble or defiant bravado of the narrative is much easier than reading it. Recording is instant and probably done all at once, stream of conscience style, unless you wanted to go through the process of re-recording your thoughts. Also, I hear that sarcasm doesn't work as well in writing...

July 20, 2004 at 10:12 AM  
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