Thursday, June 24, 2004

I promise to be better this time...

Okay, so I was really bad about blogging last quarter, but this time I promise to be better about it. Plus, I have more time in general this time of year so I *really* have no excuse. Anyway, today we played baseball and I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would... I actually hit the ball each time I was up to bat. It was nice to refresh my memory on some of the basic rules (especially considering our current project).

I got really excited about the music video that we saw in class. Instead of doing the easy thing and asking Jon for the name of the artist and the song... I did about a million google searches for ANY combination of the words: information, architecture, music, video, and MTV. The good news is... eventually I found it. If anyone wants it, it's called "Remind Me" and the name of the artist(s) is Royksopp <--- and yes, that *is* the way it's spelled. The problem is, all of the links to it were dead, so I finally just had to download LimeWire and download it (possibly) legally.

I'm sure I'll have more "in depth" comments later in the quarter. I'm going to bed... good night!


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